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Independent Consultants Specialising in Cathodic Protection & Corrosion Management

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Paul Segers

FICorr, CEng, MIMMM, MSc

BS EN 15257 Level 3 #L3CP/016/B/M/R/I

NACE Corrosion and Cathodic Protection Specialist #10079

SegCorr Ltd are experienced in the development of whole life and life extension designs which offer superior whole life cost for critical reinforced concrete and metallic infrastructure.


Our whole life skills include the selection, design and specification of corrosion management solutions based on galvanic and impressed current CP, protective coatings and material selection.

Our life extensions skills include condition assessment, identification of the deterioration mechanisms and the development of rehabilitation techniques, which include detailed galvanic and impressed current CP designs and specifications for CP, protective coatings and concrete repair guidance.


Experienced in providing site based installation support, training and supervision as part of the installation process, to ensure that the materials and workmanship comply with the specification and to respond to any unforeseen site issues as they arise.


Experienced in commissioning, fault finding and general operation and management of existing and new CP systems to ensure full compliance with the international standards and that optimum levels of protection are achieved.

Paul is a Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the Institute of Corrosion with 21 years of industrial corrosion control and cathodic protection experience.

He is certificated to BS EN 15257 Level 3 Senior CP Engineer for all application sectors, is certificated to NACE Corrosion Specialist and Cathodic Protection Specialist and holds a Master’s degree in Corrosion Control Engineering through the University of Manchester UK.


Extensive experience in Cathodic Protection design, specification, third party review, site audits, installation support and training for reinforced concrete and metallic structures.


Member of technical standards committees through NACE and British Standards BSI GEL 603 for CP and previously a member of the Institute of Corrosion Professional Development Technical Committee.


He has worked in the UK, Africa, Middle East and Far East providing specialist technical expertise in deterioration mechanisms, failure investigation, corrosion prevention, corrosion control and mitigation, infrastructure life extensions and whole life planning.